Vacation Planning Basics

Before You Decide - Vacation Considerations ( Vacation Planning Basics ) Just the word "vacation" brings many positive thoughts to mind. But with so many options available and destinations to visit, you can actually be paralyzed with information overload. If you do a Google search for "travel vacation" you'll see over 31 million websites! How do you decide where to go and what to do? The first thing you need to do, before you start searching, is narrow down what you want. Here are some considerations to get you started: 1. Your budget. How much money you have to spend is a huge determinant regarding your vacation. Take a realistic look at your finances and what you're able to spend first, then you can investigate possible locations that might fit that budget. 2. The length of time you have available for the vacation. Obviously if you have a job where you can't get much time away at a pop, that's going to affect where you go on vacation. Perhaps you need to look at your vacation time as several 4 day weekends and plan accordingly. 3. The time of year you will be taking your vacation. Your circumstances may affect when you can take your vacation. Perhaps you need to take it when the time is right at work, or you need to go during your child's vacation from school. Another factor that could influence the "when" are the rates. Expenses are cheaper if you travel during the "shoulder" season and not during the peak travel times for your destination. 4. Preferences such as: Climate - You may prefer hot and tropical, or autumn and the fall colors, or even winter and snow. US vs. international - Do you want to take your vacation soon? Then you must have your passports in hand. Is the international location you're considering currently a safe place to visit? Method of transportation - Airplane, car, train, or boat. If you have a strong desire to drive, this will limit your vacation destination possibilities. 5. What you'd like to do: nothing outdoor activities something with a purpose (such as a volunteer vacation) take in the culture 6. Whether you have to incorporate visiting family during the trip. Sometimes you want to visit your extended family while on your vacation. This will certainly limit where you are traveling to, but not necessarily. You can stop over at your mother-in-law's in San Francisco for a few days on your way to Hawaii, or you can spend a day at your brother's near the Orlando airport before you go to Disney World. 7. What the other members of your travel party, such as your kids, want to do. You may be in the position of head of the family but you still should take into consideration your kids' interests. Believe me, if there is not enough for the kids to do, your vacation can be pretty miserable. Once you've gone over the 7 considerations listed above, you should be able to have a much better picture of your vacation. Now you can talk to a travel agent or plan your trip yourself.


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