First Aid Essentials For Travelers

Let's face it, stuff happens while on vacation. You didn't mean to trip up a step at the city museum or get a splinter in your leg from the driftwood at the beach, but it happened just the same. Instead of wondering how to take care of any minor accidents that happen on your trip, take time before you go to make up a medical travel kit. You don't have to be a boy scout to be prepared; it just makes good sense for anyone traveling. It will depend on where your travels take you as to what to put in your kit, but there are some things that are necessary wherever you go. And while it's true your destination may be in the US where there might be stores available to purchase what you need when you need it, why risk it or interrupt your fun because you need to locate a store? Must haves for any trip: • bandaids in various sizes • antiseptic towelettes • Benadryl tablets or the like • antacid tablets • sunscreen • anything else important to your particular health issues You don't need a lot of each, just enough to help for the duration of your trip. Remember to restock after you get home so it's ready for the next trip. If you're traveling abroad, you medical travel kit will be more extensive as you don't know the availability of various products, plus you want to be certain of what you're taking. Here are the additional items to pack for overseas travel: • Your prescription medication, enough to cover the entire trip. You can ask your doctor about substitutions should you run out or lose your meds. • Medication you might possibly need for motion sickness or altitude sickness. • Allergy medication if you have allergic reactions. This can be an antihistamine, a prescription medication, an epi-kit, and a topical such as Calamine lotion. Keep in mind you may be eating food you've never tried, and allergy information is not always readily available. • You may encounter digestive issues with all the new foods you try on your trip so medicine to help with stomach issues should be packed in your kit. Antacids, anti-diarrheals, and laxatives come in convenient tablet form and can help immensely. • As mentioned previously, sunblock is important. Don't underestimate the strength of the sun and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. • If insects are an issue, be sure to pack a reliable insect repellent. No matter where your travels take you, bring your well-stocked medical kit along. That way you can fix any minor medical issues and continue with your otherwise enjoyable vacation.


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